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  Hose Reel BL7011 SERIES Air Hose Reel
  Hose Reel 90 SERIES Hose Reel
  Air operated double acting universal oil pumps 5:1 Air operated double acting universal oil pumps
  Air operated grease pumps 60:1 Air operated grease pumps
  Air operated grease pumps A55 Air-operated Grease Pump
  Waste oil units 3077 Waste Oil Machine (pneumatic)
  Grease units 64000 Air-operated Grease Kits
  Grease units 64005 Air-operated Grease Kits
  Fittings 9820 Dosing Valve
  grease pump,lubricator,pneumatic pump,lubrication K55 Pneumatic Grease Pump
  Electric grease equipment,electric pump K6020 Electric grease equipment
  oil pump,multifuction oil center T3906 Tower-style filling and waste oil collection center
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68012 Hand Operated Pumps
BL7011 SERIES Air Hose Reel
A55 Air-operated Grease Pump
T3906 Tower-style filling and waste oil collection center
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Art.68213 Pneumatic Grease Pump
90 SERIES Hose Reel
K55 Pneumatic Grease Pump
Centralized Dosing Systems


       Crodis is a professional manufacturer of automotive maintenance and lubricating equipment. Its products cover hydraulic press lubricating equipment, air grease, oil pump, hand operated grease, oil pump, oil changer, oil absorber.
We have been working on development, design, and manufacturing of the automotive maintenance and lubricating equipment industry since the day CRODIS was founded, thus, making us a very sophisticated company in the industry. We have been closely with our clients to co-develop new products and solve the problems that come along. In this way, we provide our clients with the best possible services.

       Profession, Quality, and Services are the company’s everlasting principle.

       The company imported the state-or-the-art technology and the scientific management system form the overseas market. Delicacy and superiority of our products help to gain a solid foundation in both home and overseas lubricating market. Our products are widely applied in the automobile repairing factories, oil change centers, machinery industry, pharmaceutical industry, oil field, mine, and still in some other industries.

       We provide a turnkey solution service from technology consultancy, designing, to installation. We also design the oil routing, gas routing system, technical support and after sales services.
We are obligated to lead China to a competitive status worldwide in the industry. Agents or individuals interested in our products are welcome to Contact Us for further information and establish a cooperative relationship. We, as a team, are looking forward to a bilateral development with people with people from the related industries.

       Main products:
       Manufacturers of automotives (Autos, Automotives, Cars, and Vehicle) repair equipments& supply (supplies), accessory (accessories)-
       (1) Grease Equipments: Air-operated Grease Pumps, Air-operated Grease Kits, Manual Grease Pumps, and Pedal-operated (Pedal-operated) Grease Pumps.
       (2) Oil Equipment: Oil Transfer Pumps, Oil Pumps, Air-operated Grease Pumps, Air-operated Oil Kits, Hand-oil Pumps, Drum Trolleys, and Oil Bars.
       (3) Centralized Oil Equipments
       (4) Oil Collecting Waste Equipments: Air-operated Oil Draining Machines, Electronic Oil Pumping Machine, Flexible and Metal Probes, Integrative Suction (drainer) Waste Oil Machinery, Wall-mounted Puissant Oil Pumping Machines.
       (5) Automatic Hose Reels (Hose-reel).

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  FAX: 86-755-33813896
  Address: No.74 of the second industrial park,Houting Village,Shajing town,Baoan district,Shenzhen city,China.

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Tel:86-755-33813800,33813866,33813873 Fax:86-755-33813896
Addres:No.74 of the second industrial park,Houting Village,Shajing town,Baoan district,Shenzhen city,China.
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